I’m so Virtuoso

Virtuoso & Belcanto Connected Edition is an unprecedented event within the panorama of international Festivals dedicated to Classical music.

After 4 editions realized in the city of Lucca, this year Virtuoso & Belcanto is moving its whole centre of operations to reach the whole world and maintain its identity and character. Two weeks of advanced courses with professors and students from around the world, including: masterclasses, competitions and the possibility to play as a soloist at the Berlin Philharmonie. The first classical music festival that, entirely online, gives absolute vivacity and intensity to music.

Connected, much more than online

The network is the medium with which the students and professors create that unique connection, the experience of listening to and meeting great maestros face to face, without distance. Individual lessons, moments of sharing and conversation, the possibility to liberate creative potential and pursue excellence.

Become part of history

From 2016, Virtuoso & Belcanto has held advanced courses with internationally renown maestros who direct the masterclasses, divided by instrument. The competitions, reserved for active students, will have concerts and cash prizes in store for the chamber music winners, and the possibility to play in the 2021-2022 Populäre Konzerte season of the Berlin Philharmonie. The winner will perform as a soloist, accompanied by the Deutsches-Symphonie Orchester Berlin.

Around the world, for everyone

Music lovers from around the world may still follow the rich programming of Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival’s 2020 public events through our Calendar with On Demand events, available for rent or purchase.

Every July, for four years, and from today – everywhere.

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Virtuoso & Belcanto

The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival and Summer Academy is a celebration of the history and musical heritage of the city of Lucca. Famous composers such as Puccini, Boccherini, and Geminiani along with many others, were born within its walls. Lucca and its theater also happen to be where Paganini became Paganini. The Festival seeks to revitalise this unique musical heritage by creating an opportunity for young musicians from all over the world to come together with prominent international artists and teachers. It will be an intensive two weeks of lessons, masterclasses, chamber music coaching, and concerts, focused primarily on repertoire from the classic and early romantic periods. In honor of Luigi Boccherini, the Festival will be dedicated above all, to chamber music, and will be experienced from three different but related perspectives: concerts, study, and competitions.
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Grazie a tutti i partecipanti di questa straordinaria edizione di Virtuoso & Belcanto! ✨
Nonostante le distanze la musica ha unito tutti e vi siamo grati per la fiducia che avete riposto nel nostro festival.
Non abbiamo voluto rinunciare ad una foto di gruppo con le foto di alcuni di voi! ❤️🎶


Thanks to all the participants of 2020's Virtuoso & Belcanto's extraordinary edition! ✨
Despite the distance music connected all of us and we thank you for trusting us in such difficult time.
We didn't want to give up on a photo of the group with the pictures that some of you sent! ❤️🎶

Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Siamo molto orgogliosi che persone da tutto il mondo mostrino interesse per quello che facciamo. In questo periodo cosi difficile, Virtuoso & Belcanto ha sfruttato la musica e la sua capacità di connettere le menti e i cuori delle persone per farci sentire tutti più vicini: sebbene fossimo tutti lontani, grazie agli strumenti digitali è stato possibile favorire la fruizione di contenuti musicali di altissima qualità. 🎵
Grazie a tutti voi che contribuite a rendere questo festival ogni anno sempre più speciale. ❤️

Virtuoso & Belcanto ✨


We are very proud that people from all over the world show interest towards what we do. In such a difficult time, Virtuoso & Belcanto has been able to exploit music and its ability to connect people's minds and hearts to make us all feel nearer one to each other: despite being all apart, thanks to the digital instruments it has been possibile to benefit from very high quality musical contents. 🎵
Thanks to all of you that contribute to make this festival more and more special year by year. ❤️

Virtuoso & Belcanto ✨

Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Berlino è la città con i numeri più alti relativamente alle views. Proprio a Berlino, alla Philarmonie, suonerà Josquin Otal, vincitore del concorso di quest'anno per esibirsi durante la stagione di concerti 2021-22 dei Populäre Konzerte! 🎶✨


Berlin is the city with the highest numbers concerning the views. Right in Berlin, in the Philharmonie, Josquin Otal will play: he won this year's Special Berlin Award to perform during the Populäre Konzerte 2021-22 season! 🎶✨