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The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival and Summer Academy is a celebration of the history and musical heritage of the city of Lucca. Famous composers such as Puccini, Boccherini, and Geminiani along with many others, were born within its walls. Lucca and its theater also happen to be where Paganini became Paganini. The Festival seeks to revitalise this unique musical heritage by creating an opportunity for young musicians from all over the world to come together with prominent international artists and teachers. It will be an intensive two weeks of lessons, masterclasses, chamber music coaching, and concerts, focused primarily on repertoire from the classic and early romantic periods. In honor of Luigi Boccherini, the Festival will be dedicated above all, to chamber music, and will be experienced from three different but related perspectives: concerts, study, and competitions.
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Happy new year!
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto 2020
Lucca, 13th-26th July

➡️ www.virtuosobelcanto.com
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Sono aperte le iscrizioni per Virtuoso & Belcanto 2020!! 🤩🥳
Iscriviti ora, ti aspettiamo a Lucca dal 13 al 26 luglio! 👏
Clicca qui ➡️ https://www.virtuosobelcanto.com/


The application for Virtuoso & Belcanto 2020 is now open!! 🤩🥳
Apply now, see you in Lucca from 13th to 26th July! 👏
Click here ➡️ https://www.virtuosobelcanto.com/en/

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