Florence Academy of Art Exhibition

-When Figurative Arts and Music meet-

Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival hosts a prestigious exhibition of the Directors and Lecturers of the Florence Academy of Art, great international artists, to celebrate Beauty between Music and Figurative Arts. A journey on the suggestions of music in painting and painting in music that will begin with the inaugural concert of July 18th and will continue from July 19thth to 29 at the Royal College of Lucca.

Ten great artists re-elaborate and interpret Musorgsky's music "Pictures from an Exhibition": ten original works inspired by the program and the notes of the Russian Master's composition.

Pictures from an exhibition - Memory by Viktor Hartmann (1874) is a piano suite by Modest Petrovič Musorgskij. Musorgsky met the artist and architect Viktor Aleksandrovič Hartmann around 1870 and the two immediately developed a profound sense of friendship. Hartmann died suddenly from an aneurysm in 1873, at only 39. In his memory, between February and March 1874, an exhibition took place at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, where about 400 of his works were displayed. Musorgsky, who had contributed some works from his collection, was very impressed by the visit to the exhibition, and in a few weeks he composed "Pictures of an Exhibition". The composer was inspired by drawings and watercolors produced by Hartmann during his travels, especially abroad. To date, most of those works have been lost, making it impossible to identify with certainty which works inspired Musorgsky.

Florence Academy of Art, founded in 1991 by the American painter, Daniel Graves, reproposes the academic methodology in teaching drawing, painting and sculpture, during a three-year study program. At its headquarters in Florence, and its offices in Sweden and New York, the Florence Academy hosts 150 students from over 35 countries, each of them looking for the artistic language of masters such as Tiziano, Rembrandt and Velasquez, and the technical capacity to be able to pass on their ideas in oil paint or clay.


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