Since 2016 Virtuoso & Belcanto has hosted advanced courses held by world-famous maestri who teach masterclasses for each particular instrument. The festival’s competitions, limited to registered students, grant first, second, and third prizes to each instrument category included in the masterclasses, in addition to awards for ensembles, string quartets, chamber orchestras, and belcanto.

2016 Awards

2016 Awards

2016 Season

from July 25 to August 6, 2016




Boris Berman, Marian Hahn, Wei-Yi Yang             


Riccardo Cecchetti            


Benjamin Schmid, Jan Bjøranger, Luigi De Filippi, Maria Solozobova    


Paul Cortese, Lars Anders Tomter          


Clemens Hagen, Sandro Meo, Marianne Chen                   

Ensembles in residence

1B1 orchestra – leader Jan Bjøranger

1B1 tutors

Benedicte Kyllingstad – violino / Wouter Raubenheimer – viola / Ilmari Hopkins – violoncello / Ivan Zavgorodniy – contrabbasso              

Voces Intimae piano trio    

Riccardo Cecchetti, pianoforte / Luigi De Filippi, violino / Sandro Meo, violoncello



Here are the winners:

Violin competition – dedicated to Niccolò Paganini 

1° prize: Pascale Rouilly (Switzerland)

2° prize: Achille Vocat (France)

3° prize ex-aequo: Bora Kim (한국) – Adriàn Fernàndez Moreno (Spain)

Piano competition – dedicated to Franz Liszt 

1° prize : Yannick Van De Velde (Belgium) 

2° prize ex-aequo: Chengcheng Yao (中国) – Sun-A Park (한국)

3° prize ex-aequo: Sophiko Simsive (საქართველო) – Christian De Luca (Italy)

Menzione d’onore: Madoka Fukami (日本)

Chamber music competition – Luigi Boccherini Award

1° prize: Trio San Francisco

Shelby Yamin (violin – USA), Saul Richmond-Rakerd (cello – USA), Yilin Liu (piano – (中国))

2° prize: not awarded

3° prize ex-aequo: Duo Nazar Fedyuk (violin – Україна) e Kaili Ho (piano – 中華民國) / Duo Danilo Oliveira (violin – Brasil) e Aidan Boase (piano – Australia)

2017 Awards

2017 Awards

2017 season from July 16 to August 5,  2017

During the 2017 season, the CHINA PIANO PROJECT took place as part of the China-Europe (Italy) International Arts Festival from July 24-31

2017 China-Europe (Italy) International Arts Festival


Ross Craigmile, Salvador Carbó, Elena de la Merced, David Rendall, Miquel Ramon

Festival 2017 took place from july 25 to august 5



Kyu-Young Kim, Maria Solozobova, Luigi De Filippi, Jan Bjøranger, Eszter Haffner                     


Paul Cortese, Bruno Giuranna, Lars Anders Tomter     


Sandro Meo, Ilmari Hopkins, Alain Meunier, Torleif Thedéen        

Double bass

Alberto Bocini, Gabriele Ragghianti       


Marian Hahn, Yejin Gil, Wei-Yi Yang, Boris Berman, Christian Ihle Hadland      


Riccardo Cecchetti           

Ensembles in residence

1B1 orchestra – Jan Bjøranger – leader       

Voces Intimae piano trio        

Riccardo Cecchetti, pianoforte / Luigi De Filippi, violino / Sandro Meo, violoncello



Here are the winners:

Chamber music Luigi Boccherini award

1° prize: Duo Marie Viard (France) – Liliia Khusnullina (Россия)

2° prize: Trio Anna Marila (Finland) / Clara Lindenbaum (Austria) / Dongwon Lee (한국)

3° prize: Quartetto Archos Special Adolfo Betti Award 2017 offered by Animando – Music Promotion

Cello competition dedicated to Luigi Boccherini

1° prize: Giedrius Zukauskas (Lithuania)

2° prize: not awarded

3° prize: Daniil Zimin (Россия)

3° prize: Marie Viard (France)

3° prize: Alexander Avramchik (Беларусь)

Violin competition dedicated to Paganini

1° prize: Michaël Serra (France) – Paganini Capricci no. 1 e 21 Violin from an Italian workshop (Fabio Piagentini, Violin maker)

2° prize: Yingchen Zhang (中国)

3° prize: Miriam Davis (United Kingdom)

Piano competition dedicated to Liszt

1° prize: Sophiko Simsive (საქართველო) Offered by Richard & Maria Allwine

2° prize: Nansong Huang (中国)

3° prize: Sun-A Park (USA/한국)

3° prize: Anthony Ratinov (USA)

Honorable mention: Mykita Burzanitsa (Україна)

2018 Awards

2018 Awards

Season 2018 from June 25 to July 29 

Every year Virtuoso & Belcanto is enriched with ideas, projects, and workshops.
In 2018, it was the debut of the Opera Project from June 25 to July 7.
Dedicated to singing, the project was carried out in cooperation with the Teatro del Giglio of Lucca and the Danish platform Trulinked. Com. The Opera Project, made up of courses, encounters, and concerts was created for the purpose of discovering new opera singers who will go on to participate in next season’s lyric opera productions at the Giglio Theater.



David Rendall, tenor – Dimitra Theodossiou , soprano – Salvador Carbò, tenor.

The students had repertoire coaching by Ross Craigmile e Massimo Morelli;

Theater arts, Aldo Tarabella and Dongmi Grace Lee


Instrumental Festival from July 17 to 29, 2018



Ani Kavafian, Eszter Haffner, Jan Bjøranger, Luigi De Filippi, Bård Monsen


Bruno Giuranna, Paul Cortese                           


Alain Meunier, Xenia Jankovic, Adrian Brendel, Sandro Meo, Ilmari Hopkins


Boris Berman, Ian Jones, Wei-Yi Yang, Yejin Gil                                


Riccardo Cecchetti                

String Quartet

Luc-Marie Aguera (Quartetto Ysaye)     



Chamber orchestra

Led by Jan Bjøranger 


Classical Experience

Voces Intimae

Riccardo Cecchetti, fortepiano / Luigi De Filippi, violin / Sandro Meo, cello



The awards for this season were offered by the sponsors of the event.

1. Piano Competition – dedicated to F. Liszt

  • 1° prize: Offered by Richard & Maria Allwine
  • 2° prize: Offered by Ego Wellness Resort
  • 3° prize: Offered by Fabio Francesconi Srl

2. Violin Competition – dedicated to  N. Paganini

  • 1° prize: Violin offered by Cremona International School of Violin Making
  • 3° prize: Offered by Musicherie di Antonio Bonacchi

3. Viola Competition – dedicated to A. Rolla

  • 1° prize: Offered by the Piero Farulli Association – La Musica un bene da restituire ONLUS plus one viola offered by the Lucchi Foundation

4. Cello Competition – dedicated to L. Boccherini

  • 1° prize: Bow by Jean-Luc Tauziede – Offered by the bowmaker
  • 2° prize: Bow offered by the Lucchi Foundation

5. Chamber Music Competition – Luigi Boccherini Award

  • Adolfo Betti Award for best string quartet : offered by Animando e the Association Lucchesi nel Mondo.

Here are the winners from  2018


1° prize: Gabriele Strata – Italia

2° prize: Thomas Kelly – Uk

3° prize ex-aequo : Wenting Shi (中国) , Nurry Lee (한국)

Chamber Music

1° prize ex-aequo : Duo Haim Choi (한국), vl. – Thomas Kelly (United Kingdom), pf. and Duo Yannick Van de Velde (Belgium), pf. – Wending Shi (中国), pf.

2° prize ex-aequo : Quartetto Elmire (France) – Cyprien Brod, vl., Kho-nam Nguyen, vl., Issey Nadaud, vla., Rémi Carlon, vc. and Quartetto Werther (Italy) – Misia Nannoni Sebastianini, vl., Martina Santarone, vla., Simone Chiominto, vc., Antonino Fiumara, pf.

3° prize ex-aequo : Quartetto Archos – Filip Jeska, vl. (Poland) – Mikolaj Pokora, vl. (Poland) – Radenko Kostadinov, vla. (България) – Francesca Fiore, vc. (Italy) e Le Bateau Ivre (France) – Samuel Casale, fl. (Italy) – Séréna Manganas, vl. (France) – Valentin Chiapello, vla. (France) – Kevin Bourdat, vc. (Francia), Jean-Baptiste Haye, arpa (France)


1° prize: Marianne De Tomaso (Canada)

2° prize ex-aequo: Samuel Andonian (USA) – Jonathan Masaki Schwarz (Germany) – Gregory Lewis (Canada)

3° prize: Ezo Dem Sarici (United Kingdom) – Joakim Røbershagen (Norway)


1° prize: Daniele Valabrega (Italy)

2° prize ex-aequo : Claudio Laureti (Italy) – Xavier Rotger Bonnin (Spain)

3° prize: Marzena Malinowska (Poland)


1° prize: Anna Garde (France)

2° prize: Daniel Schultz (Finland)

3° prize: Klavs Jankevics (Latvia)


Virtuoso & Belcanto

The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival and Summer Academy is a celebration of the history and musical heritage of the city of Lucca. Famous composers such as Puccini, Boccherini, and Geminiani along with many others, were born within its walls. Lucca and its theater also happen to be where Paganini became Paganini. The Festival seeks to revitalise this unique musical heritage by creating an opportunity for young musicians from all over the world to come together with prominent international artists and teachers. It will be an intensive two weeks of lessons, masterclasses, chamber music coaching, and concerts, focused primarily on repertoire from the classic and early romantic periods. In honor of Luigi Boccherini, the Festival will be dedicated above all, to chamber music, and will be experienced from three different but related perspectives: concerts, study, and competitions.
Virtuoso & Belcanto
Virtuoso & Belcanto
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Virtuoso & Belcanto
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